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Boys will be boys

Hiding in Estrogen

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I am your neighbor's second cousin's nieces daughter. Don't even bother denying it. It's true.

I have a penchant for Harry/Draco and I hold a torch for Remus/Snape. I enjoy taking walks on the beach with Jim and Bones. I have lurked around the block and I now find myself in bed with fandom when school and RL don't destroy my life:)

I dabble into sorcery, but I'm much more proficient at slicing cucumbers. I also read het, but only on Wednesdays for some reason.

I post a combination of RL, fandom, TV show talk, and tales of my journey through the internet.

My fics can be found here. I am awful with WIP's, but I am getting better at this updating business!

My layout is from cartonage